Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Startitis, or, step away from that catalog

So, at the moment I have only one project on the needles, and it's driving me nuts. Like many knitter, I am not monogamous when it comes to my projects. The BSJ has been finished for a while, and I finally got a picture of it.

Because I currently only have one project on the needles, my more fingers are just itching to start something else. I've thought about matching shawls for certain members of my family for a special outing in April. I already have the yarn, but I don't have the appropriate needles for it yet.

I suppose it's a good thing though, as I'm a week behind on Hanami (pictures later). And, of course, Secret of Chrysopolis has started, and Secret of the Stole starts on Friday (group closes on the 4th, join now!), both of which I don't have yarn for yet. Oy, am I overextended yet?