Sunday, June 22, 2008

Got Feet?

So, I've finished the heels on my socks, and have done the first round on the legs.  Took some time to decide if I wanted ribbed legs, or plain legs with a ribbed cuff.  Finally decided on a ribbed leg.  So, now time for 5 inches of black ribbing!

Friday, June 13, 2008


Yup, you guessed it, I finished my Shapely Tank.  Finally.  That also means I finished my class, with an A, so excited.  Do still have to take a board exam before I can get a job with what I learned from the class, so, it's not all done, but, I'm taking what's left of this week to just chill, relax, reconnect with the hubby who was feeling a bit left out.  Oh, yeah, you want a picture, don't you?
Shapely Tank, is actually written for a sport-ish weight yarn, and, as I'm kinda petite, even a sport weight yarn makes me look even tinier.  So, I found this awesome lace weight rayon yarn, and after some tinkering with the pattern to adjust for the different yarn sizes, I cast on.  Some difference, I had to cast on 128 for the smallest size, and wrap multiples of 13 for the short rows. For the waist shaping, I decreased 7 times every 6th row, and increased 7 times every 9 rows.  I'm a DD cup, but I also like negative ease, so I placed the bust short rows for only a D cup.  This makes the fit taught but not pulling.  I think next time I knit this pattern, I'll do a C and a half short row.  I also figure, next time I do this pattern, I'll do it in the round instead of flat.  I hate seaming, and it was even worse with this boucle, ended up overcasting instead of mattress stitching.

I've also begun the arch increases on the Martinique socks.  No new pictures.