Thursday, July 24, 2008

Socks are almost done, and just in time

So, I have been a bad girl with my socks and haven't been posting pictures and updates, so, here they are.  These next two pictures are from about a month ago.  There's about a half inch of black ribbing on the leg.

And this picture, is from today, there's 3.5 inches of ribbing.

And, now, because some people might be confused.  Why the black legs?  Well, these are for a uniform, and, part of the uniform kind of implies that the socks need to be black.  Well, I don't know about the rest of ya'll, but, my hubby tends to steal my socks unless they're obviously not his, and the size alone doesn't seem to tell him that, so, need colorful feet.  Of course, there's also the issue that black, at sock gauge, is REALLY hard on the eyes.  Do you really want to knit a whole sock in black?  Yeah, I didn't think so, me either!  As to the just in time?  I got a job, it starts Monday.  I'm SOOOOO excited, school paid off.

There's an event on Ravelry that is set to coincide with the Olympics.  It is the Ravelympics 2008.  Yes, that's right, they intend to do this event for EVERY Olympics from here on out.  This is along the lines of the Knitting Olympics, but it's knitting and crocheting, and tatting, and spinning and dyeing and what-have-you.  I am entering 2 projects into three, and maybe 4 events, haven't decided yet.  If you're on Ravelry, and haven't heard about this yet, GET OVER THERE!